Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Old Sydney

Looking out over an historic part of Sydney. Once the haunt of sly-grog queens, gangsters and razor gangs

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The Prince of Centraxis said...

Amazing how horrendous the newer structures look after most of the place has been gutted of truly historic buildings, eh?
Do you recall what this scene looked like before the 'redevelopment' of Victoria St (that toxic-looking wall of apartments on the skyline)?

Mike Hitchen said...

Victoria Stree and Juanita Nielson were a little before my time - I arrived in 1981:) But the area still had a lot of olde world charm - in a sort of Runyanesque way. I like the area becasue of my fascination with (1) The old Sydney Stadium (2) The characters of the 30s 40s and 50s in that area.