Thursday, March 13, 2008

The greening of Chatswood

I know - ugly isn't it. But not for much longer. This is part of the "greening" of the busy commercial suburb of Chatswood. Where once there were roads and concrete, there will be grass, flowers and bushes. This is just one part near the railway station.

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a convert said...

Hey Mike, very very long time no see. Thought you were stopping your crappy photoblog? Photos are crap, captions are crap, subject matter is crap. You are crap.

Mike Hitchen said...

Hi "A. Convert"

I see you learned a new word at school today - and just think, you are only 35

I take it the Bradford child abuser and the Birmingham driving instructor are running scared.

Mike Hitchen said...

The comment by "A Convert" is part of an orchestrated campaign led by "trannyfattyacid" from Bradford U.K. TFA is Jeremy Young. Bradford Social Services passed details of his blog to the police Child Protection Unit after he described sexual acts with his stillborn baby. Nice man is Jeremy, who also makes other sexual references between children and parents. He is aided by Jill Havern, who runs the Freeway Driving School at 12 Copston Grove, Birmingham. Havern publicly admitted, and boasted about, lodging a hoax complaint with New South Wales Police, that I bash my mother. These two people deserve each other. For some time this blog was closed to comments because of mass "comment attacks" by these two and others. They also have a spoof blog with an almost identical URL as mine (that includes my name) containing pornographic pictures, designed to mislead readers into thinking I am the publisher.