Sunday, November 25, 2007


I came across this little skink bathing in the sun, during a bush walk.


Marcela said...

Hello Mike
Beautiful pictures as always!!!
Australia has a lot of different animals...( most of them are exotic for my country).
If you have time pay me a visit ( I have a blog too)
( sorry becase of my english)
Hugs from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Anonymous said...

Lovely photograph again Mike.

It really is fascinating that not only do we have similar vegatation to Sydney here in Algarve, but we have beautiful lizards here too, quite big chaps, bright green with dark blue spots along the side. Not as many as there used to be because intense development has ruined their habitat, but you occasionally meet one crossing a quiet country road.

I have a garden flat on the golf course, and before the course was established it used to be a vast area of scrub land and the other day a cute little weasel appeared at my window, as bold as brass. I didn't invite him in however as although quite small I think they pack quite a bite!

Anonymous said...

A lovely photo of a skink whilst taking a bush walk. That is it now I am oficially jealous.

Mike Hitchen said...

Hi Marcela, many thanks! I paid a visit to your excellent blog too!

Mike Hitchen said...

WSF, you did right not to let him in - they are vicious little buggers!

Mike Hitchen said...

Aaaw amsav, maybe you will one day get the chance to see them:)

Anonymous said...

MH said WSF, you did right not to let him in - they are vicious little buggers!

You have been called a weasel on certain sites. The latest is "sleasel" which is a sleazy weasel. Vicious little buggers did you say?

Voren said...

From what I can see, that looks like an Eastern Water Skink.

Mike Hitchen said...

Thanks Voren!