Monday, November 26, 2007

No U Turn

My philosophy:)


amsav said...

Who would want to turn away from such a sight.That stunning sky and tree silhouettes.Magic.

Marcela said...

Hello Mike
Thanks for visiting my blog!!!
What a beautiful sky!
I also like the pictures below
I send you a big hug from Argentina ( so far away).

wild sun flower said...

More Algarve vegetation, beautiful palm trees, something is telling me I am destined to visit Sydney some day.

Its strange, Mike, for some reason this morning I am reminded that a dear friend of mine, who sadly died a few years back now, used to own a restaurant in Sydney, I think it was in Double Bay (?) but can't remember what it was called and perhaps before your time... His name was Darcy Glover, and it may just have been called Darcy's, it was certainly very well known in its day.

Just vaguely reminiscing, as you do, it's an age thing!

Mike Hitchen said...

Hi amstav, many thanks. It was a beautiful sight to see as I walked up a steep hill!

Mike Hitchen said...

Hi Marcela, my pleasure!

Mike Hitchen said...

Hi WSF, I think the area around here would be very similar. I think the restaurant you may be thinking of is Doyles..but not sure!

wild sun flower said...

No, definitely not Doyles, Mike, (at least not then ), but maybe it will come to me....

There's a lot of useless info stored away in the grey cells which doesn't readily come to the surface!

It would probably date back to the late sixties and was quite famous in its day, at least so I was led to believe!