Sunday, November 18, 2007

For those that are about to die!

If these rabbits could read, they would have been able to read the sign warning "Rabbit Control Area" and that the park was littered with baited carrots. BTW, it is an offence to remove a baited carrot!


Tanglewood said...

Is the carrot going to kill the rabbits?
If so here's what to do:

Plead ignorance, and say you are removing unsightly litter, (if caught)

Or will the carrot administer rabbit birth control?
If so here's what to do:

Have a friendly word in the young bucks oversized ears. They'll probably understand the birds and bees even more than we do.

Mike Hitchen said...

Hi Tanglewood. They are designed to kill the rabbits. Rabbits cause an awful lot damge and the toll of their destruction is very costly. They are hated here. That is why we have the world's longest fence - the Rabbit Proof Fence, that stretches around three thousand miles.

Amsav said...

Humans too cause an awful lot of damage. I recall part of one of your posts when you said that it was the two legged critters to be wary of. I agree.