Friday, September 28, 2007


I love this old rotunda and bandstand in the grounds of a local school


Anonymous said...

Wonderful photograph Mike, and what a
beautiful location for the tryst of blossoming young love... so romantic!

I'll bet there's a long waiting list for this school!


Anonymous said...

Lovely picture Mike and romantic...


Dear W.S.F,

Talking about blossoming young love...take a look at this video:

Mike Hitchen said...

Hi w.s.f:)
A heck of a long list:) The NSW DIrector of Eductaion went to this school. He was appointed after a nine year sentence for importing and distibuiting drugs!

It is also a favourite place for young lovers. A few weeks ago, a boy and a girl aged about 15 pulled up to the rotunda in a "tinnie" (a small tin, engine driven boat" They settled down on the steps and were just getting friendly, when a party of American tourists on a walking tour turned up!

Mike Hitchen said...

Hi Poirot:)

Thank you:)