Friday, September 28, 2007

Rock me

Sometimes on my walk, I clamber down the narrow, rickety track that leads to this rock and just sit and listen to the water. The water makes more sense than the media - and never lies to you


Anonymous said...

Lovely as usual Mike, must be nice to live in one of those riverbank houses. What is the pole in the middle for? Just to let you know the water height?

Scots gran

Anonymous said...

Mike you are in my world here I adore the water and ripples waves etc I could sit here for hours
Super photo

Mike Hitchen said...

Hi Scots Gran, yep - and it's also used as a dividing mark that boats head towards each other.

The Lane Cove River is rathe rare, as they "type" of river changes. I am not sure of the exact details, but I know it is "salt" "tidal" and "estuary"

Mike Hitchen said...

Hi Gran - beautiful isn't it!