Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Kookaburra - 1

I came across this beautiful kookaburra in a large bushland park not far from where I live. Kookaburras are quite friendly and he was quite content for me to snap away.

The Kookaburra is known throughout the world for it’s maniacal ‘laugh’. They live in small family groups with a dominant breeding pair and up to several offspring from the previous years. Young birds stay on for up to four years to help defend territory and to help rear and protect the young.

The call is the famous ‘laugh’, a prolonged series of chortles, shrieks, and cackles rising to a crescendo and then gradually fading. Birds will often sit on the same dominant branch to call, and heads and tails will be lifted. The call advertises territory and all members of the family group will participate. Morning and evening songs are common. Aboriginal legend has it that the Kookaburra’s morning chorus is a signal for the sky people to light the great fire that illuminates and warms the earth by day. To imitate the laugh is taboo for the sky people may take offence and plunge the earth back into eternal darkness.


Anonymous said...

Pity Madeleine didn't have a kookaburra looking after her, Mike!
She'd have been just fine...


Mike Hitchen said...

Hi, w.s.f.

There is something else about them too. They sit patiently on one branch watching their prey. They take their time then when the moment is right, they swoop - and wallah! :)