Thursday, August 2, 2007

The dog liked it too

The dog seemed to be enjoying the day too. Maybe wondering how to get at the ducks


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I just love the way dogs go about their business, they walk along quite content and interested in what's happening around them. He/she is gorgeous. Lovely photograph.
(PS deleted comment before this due to typo)

Mike Hitchen said...

Hi Tanglewood:)
Many thanks!

Most of the dogs will rund down the slope and jump straight in to the water and swim around for a while. Just out of picture, the bank is a little steeper. While the dogs don't have any trouble jumping in to the water - getting out can sometimes be another matter!

Anonymous said...

My 7 year old, Harry is absolutely crazy about dogs, We can't pass one in the street without him trying to give chase. He squealed when he saw this one as his dog fade for the moment is for beagles.
The other photos are beautiful. What a beautiful worlds we live in.


Anonymous said...

I can just hear the peace and gentle ripples of water
Grandma from Ireland

Mike Hitchen said...

Hi Grandma from Ireland
Once I sit there - all else goes out of my mind.

Mike Hitchen said...

Hi Emerson

I am so glad your son enjoyed this photo - I was really chuffed by your comment.

For some reason, my photos of dogs never come out - but this one did!