Thursday, August 16, 2007

Community notice board

This community notice board is in my local shopping plaza - painted by local schools and youth groups.


Anonymous said...

After my hubby took the wise decision to marry me (not, he was just very unlucky!) Our first house was a tiny two up, two down terrace in North Belfast. I loved it there, ahh, early marital bliss - I’ll spare the gory details.
For several years we were sent home early from work because Belfast was essentially under curfew. At dusk our streets resembled Beirut. Taken over by thugs masquerading as ‘saviours’ of our faith, defenders of our historical past.
When the enmity subsided many ‘murals’ glorifying the conflict were whitewashed and re-painted by local secondary school kids. Inspiring and beautiful images replaced the representations of hostilities. The ordinary suppressed citizen endured and we watched our city evolve into diminutive but wonderful country. History rewritten, walls repainted. Job done.

Mike Hitchen said...

Gee, I like your comment Emerson.