Friday, July 20, 2007

A place to think

To reach this wharf, I walk through a fairly long bush track with sweeping views of the harbour and the Lane Cove River.

I sit on the end of the wharf and let the wind clean my soul and my mind. The wharf is in the grounds of a boys school (open to the public).


Anonymous said...

Mike I love this picture. I could dream of sitting there fishing like I used to do with my old Dad.Peace and tranquilty I would call that .Perfect
Grandma from Ireland

Anonymous said...

Fabulous photo. It looks so serene there. Will visit one day.
Congratulations Mike on promoting Australia so well. Not just the scenic splendour, but the people have hearts!

Anonymous said...

Your 'places' remind me of a sign posted outside a lovely inn I've stayed at many a time near my favorite harbor.

one line:

"There is no place like
this place.
This is The Place"

(ermm..or something like that...guess it's time to write it down lol)