Monday, July 23, 2007

Feeding time at the zoo

I'm a bit worried about the two kids without hats. The rule here is "no hat - no play".

I explained to one of the teachers that I publish a Sydney photoblog mostly aimed at overseas readers, and asked her permission to take a photo of the group.


Anonymous said...

Hi again Mike,
I've just been exploring your photos.Australia is definately a country of scenic contradictions,from the skyrises to the outback as potrayed in that spectacular film Rabbit Proof Fence.

Eventually I'll get round to visiting.So far my only experience of it has been a cinematic one!
The Australian Film Foundation does seem to turn out mesmerising stuff.It gives a real feel for the country and the people.

It's obvious that I have bugger all to do today but sit here and comment on your blog and photo selection.
Let me also thank you for having the patience to not only read them but answer them too.
I know this isn't the right place to say but you're doing a great job.
Take care.

Mike Hitchen said...

Hi Marion,

Aaaw, any place is the right place to say nice things

Anonymous said...

Hello Mike,

Just wanted to say how much I love your photoblog of Sydney, we have been looking for a special destination to visit for our 40th wedding anniversary later this year. Thanks to you I think I may have found it, course have to let the other half see it, but I think that he will be in agreement.

Best Wishes
Scots Gran

Mike Hitchen said...

Hi Scots Gran,
First, thank you for the lovely comments re the blog! It is very much appreciated.

If you do decide to come, let me know and I can show you a bit of Sydney. Feel free to contact me if you need any advice