Thursday, July 19, 2007

Circular Quay at sunset

Circular Quay as the sun sets slowly in the west


Anonymous said...

I spent a year living in the Eastern Suburbs in '85 ... my sister settled in Sydney and I've returned for holidays ... my daughter is going back-packing travelling round Australia next year ... so I may be back again ... what a city ... I love the place ... bar the humidity from December to Feb !

Thanks for sharing the fabulous photos ... I like the Circular Quay one as I have many happy memories of getting on ferries there :)

I want to thank you sincerely Mike for providing a vantage point where like-minded folks can air their disgust at the antics of these so-called 'parents' Gerry and Kate McCann ... I cannot remember any recent issue, apart from the Iraq War, drawing such wide-spread condemnation ... I hope it's a case of 'Give them enough rope ... '

Best wishes to you ... keep up the good work ... it IS appreciated.
Maureen (UK)

Mike Hitchen said...

Hi Maureen

Thank you for the very kind and sweet comments

Warm wishes