Monday, July 30, 2007

Anyone sitting here mate?

This park is called Blackman's Park. Out of picture to the left, is a large BBQ area complete with woodfired stoves. Also to the left is a kiddies cycle park, and a path that takes you on a 60 minute bush-walk. I once sat in this park, as empty as it is in the photo. Someone came along, pointed to a seat next to me and asked "Anyone sitting here mate'!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

Do you get the idiots on the scramble bikes and quads roaring about the place and killing the animals and pedestrians in their way? It's a major problem here and apart from the danger and the desecration there is the nightmare of the noise pollution

Mike Hitchen said...

Hi Jane, we are lucky that way. I have never seen anything of that sort here at all.

The park is a lot bigger than it looks. Behind where I took the photo is the Lane Cove river, where you can go boating, water skiing and rowing.
Away in the distance is a baseball court, a cricket pitch, two large football fields and a skateboard ramp. A little further along as you exit the park, is a tennis club, which is hilarious when oh sp patient coaches are trying to teach the littlies how to play tennis:) There is also another skateboard ramp - more in a "street" style of design.