Monday, May 14, 2007

The uglier side

My local council has moved to ban smoking in all outdoor areas, but has done little to address the issue of teenage drinking in a park in the middle of the shopping plaza. Sorry - they have. They have put up a sign about the size of a credit card, stating that consumption of alcohol is banned between 9pm and 7pm. Considering the youngsters start gathering at 5pm, and it is dark by 5:30pm, this is not exactly an ideal solution. As for the police - the park is right opposite the police station.

Since this photo was taken, the table has been removed, meaning that office workers and lunchtime shoppers who would use it for their lunch, have been stopped from doing so by a small minority engaged in under-age drinking.

Never mind, the kids my be caught smoking - then they will really be in trouble.

Note: This is one of the photos published on this blog taken with my old Canon Ixus 400, the others have been taken with a Canon S3IS

Sydney Irresistible - photos by Mike Hitchen Online

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