Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sydney Harbour - Taylor Beach

Taylor Beach, one of Sydney's hidden beaches on the shores of Sydney Harbour National Park. The beach is accessible only by boat or via fairly rugged bushland (which you can see in the background).

Sydney Irresistible - photos by Mike Hitchen Online


My passion said...

just found your blogger today, great pictures, love 4/20 On the street where I live, remind me so to a place when I used to live here in Staten Is(NYCity), probably you should take more of this kind of pictures.
Well, I'm a designer & you can check mine, just stated

Mike Hitchen said...

Many thanks - I have also taken a look at your interesting blog!

Anonymous said...

Another peaceful
"Place to Rest"

This one reminds me of my favorite cove to anchor down - Poets Cove up in B.C., Canada. Sunsets to die for.

Mike Hitchen said...

Hi Elle

I managed to open this response box - but not the one on my main blog!

Thank you for responding to this post - but especially for your kind responses on "The McCann" blog. Best wishes to you and your family